Screenshot: The Sims 4
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It’s always weird to make versions of your friends in The Sims.

I’m friends with these four guys: Mike, Dylan, Sam and Julian. They’re in a band called The Hell Yeah Babies, and I think they’re pretty great. One day while in a group DM with Dylan, I offered to make Sims of them. I was thinking about spicing up my Black Widow Challenge stream by introducing the possibility of these new characters being seduced by my Black Widow, or at least becoming her friends. Dylan agreed, and so then I figured I’d just make the whole band. But then things got tricky.

Making their Sims look like their real-life counterparts wasn’t the problem. After making so many friends in The Sims, I’ve got that down pretty well. The key is to have a reference photo open at all times. Given that these guys are in a band, that wasn’t too hard. Here’s what they look like IRL:

And here are their Sims:

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